World Ecological Agricultural Products
and Food Exhibition 2022

16-18 June 2022

China Import and Export Fair Complex

World Ecological Agricultural Products and Food Exhibition 2022

With the release of the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline, the large healthy agricultural industry has also embarked on a path of characteristic development. China is a big agricultural country. The Outline of the Construction Plan for the Advantaged Areas of Special Agricultural Products encourages localities to enlarge and strengthen their advantageous industries and strive to create advantageous areas for their characteristic agricultural products. According to incomplete statistics, the output value of various special agricultural products in China has reached about 5 trillion yuan, about 50% of China's total agricultural output value, occupying "half of the country's agriculture". People pay more and more attention to food safety, and food consumption also tends to healthier green food. With the rapid advancement of urbanization, the development of green food will enter a new stage.

Co-located Event: 同期舉辦

Exhibits Categories
Featured Exhibitors & Brands
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之一:中糧集團有限公司
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之二:中國儲備糧管理集團有限公司
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之三:魯花集團
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之四:西王食品股份有限公司
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之五:佳格投資(中國)有限公司(多力)
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之六:益海嘉里食品營銷有限公司
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之七:金勝糧油集團有限公司
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之八:MG
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之九:農品堂
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之十:indofood
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之十一:五常大倉
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之十二:香的藜啦
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之十三:永修米業
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之十四:恒大糧油集團公司
  • WAF推薦展商及品牌之十五:勐海曼香云天農業發展有限公司
  • 廣州國際營養品展 展商評價之一:中國糧油學會油脂分會王瑞元會長

    “This exhibition is the largest exchange platform for food and agricultural products in Asia, with a professional audience and a high degree of internationalization. Our association will continue to give full support to this event”

    ——Wang Ruiyuan, Chinese Cereals & Oil Association -- Oil & Fat Branch
  • 廣州國際營養品展 展商評價之二:永修縣農業農村局副局長袁飛龍

    "This is our first time participating in the exhibition. The effect of the exhibition was very good. The organizer provided a lot of resources for us and participated in 5 business matching sessions. We signed a lot of purchase and sales contract agreements and we will come to exhibit next year."

    ——Yuan Feilong, Deputy Director of Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Yongxiu County
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16-18 June 2022
China Import and Export Fair Complex

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